Are you a spiritual boss babe who started your business because you want to help people improve their lives; you see yourself as having a mission, a story to share and a message to spread but need some help taking aligned action? Communicating who you are to the world is crucial to your business.

I feel like you’re struggling right now. I might be wrong but it seems to me that you’ve started your business because you want to help people improve their lives and there wasn’t any other alternative but to make it your work right? Why wouldn’t you want to spend your days immersed in practices that make you feel amazing, help people and make some money from it?

But now it feels really hard. Because of a saturated market that means your marketing needs to be super unique and time constraints and all of the day to day tasks that you can never seem to get through. It’s hard to maintain the mindset that you’re meant to be others with, let alone fit in for yourself, the practices you teach them! If this business feels aligned and the right path for you, it shouldn’t feel hard, right?

I understand why you want to spread your mindset message to the world. I know the impact embracing positive mindset can have and how it can turn your life around and how once you start living and breathing all the practices related to a great mindset that you just feel like every single person in the world needs to know this shit.

I was the cynic who didn’t believe my thoughts and feelings could impact my circumstances. Other people were just lucky while I was the one struggling with anxiety, stuck in a cycle of lack, always expecting the worst, destined for that mundane life…until my little boy started showing signs of suffering from anxiety and I realised I had to find ways to help him cope before it impacted his life like it’s impacted mine.

Well, I changed my life too. Through changing my mindset. And now I’m such an advocate for it and believe that message needs to be spread like wildfire.

That’s why I want to help those running spiritual, mindset and mental wellness businesses. I want to transform their thoughts into language that makes sense and is heard by the people who need to hear it. I want to help them amplify their message and bring their vision to life.

So, it’s my mission to help spread it, in my way. I’m not a natural coach but my strengths are in  writing and brainstorming!

That’s why I offer professional and creative writing services as well as content and copywriting services to help you with the tasks that aren’t in your genius zone, amplify your message and share your story.