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When you just need to reset - Michaela Ford Digital

When you just need to reset

I’ll admit it. The last week and a half I needed to force myself into a massive mindset shift. I’ve been feeling foggy and unfocused, unmotivated and lacking confidence in my own skills and abilities.

I’m one of those people who always has to have a to do list. If you’re a generally motivated, busy boss babe, you’ll be totally feeling me! But last week I found myself up to date with all my work, and so of course I started creating new to do lists, purely for the sake of having a to do list, because that’s my habit. I was adding more and more tasks that weren’t aligned priorities and I was putting pressure on myself to get them done, thereby getting myself into an unnecessarily anxious state.

Because here’s the thing. You cannot function from a place of overwhelm and that’s exactly where I had put myself. There is a definitive difference between being busy with aligned, effective, growth actions and being overwhelmed by a long list of tasks that won’t actually get you anywhere.

The irony of this is that I actually have clients that I work with on accountability and creating aligned, action lists in order to remove all the frantic, hustle thoughts and create ordered, focused actions that actually benefit their business. I’m constantly preaching to them that sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. You can go go go all of the time but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive or efficient right? Without productivity your business doesn’t grow and any of the amazing, creative ideas running around your mind, just stay ideas.

So, how do you shift this clouded mindset and refocus?

Get back to basics.

Open up all the blinds in your house and let the light in. It sounds amazingly simple and it is. Having the light and sunshine stream in can allow you to feel fresh and be an amazing boost to your mindset

Put down your screens for a while, turn on some music and clean your house. It’s amazing how a deep clean or decluttering where you are focused on taking logical, ordered steps to achieve something, can clear your mind, allowing all of those thoughts to settle into a logical order, ready to be turned into productive actions. Also, an organised environment is so beneficial to getting work done.

If you don’t have any crucial for your clients to attend to; erase your To Do list for an hour, half a day, a full day even if you can. I don’t mean actually erase it (that would be madness!) but shift the items to the next day, without guilt and let yourself indulge in some you time or time where you feel present in your own life.

. If you do have crucial client tasks, then take just 30 minutes, first thing in the morning to clear your mind before attempting work; have an uninterrupted coffee (No multi-tasking during this, take it outside and listen to the birds and nothing else for a few minutes), take a 10 minute brisk walk or do a quick mindfulness mediation before you start your work.

It’s amazing how taking the time to feel fresh, uncluttered and like you again, can impact how well you carry out your business tasks, kickstart your motivation for getting stuck into them and have your inspiration flowing.

Let me know how you self motivate or shift your mindset!

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