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When it's 24/7 - Michaela Ford Digital

When it’s 24/7

Being a freelancer or working from home can be all consuming.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to let work and home life overlap and blur when it’s all in your one place.

We don’t have set hours or a specific office space to be in between certain times.

Your laptop is always just there. It’s so easy to think “I’ll just pop on and do one quick task”. Which always ends up more then that and an hour later you realise you forgot to feed the kids or the stove is bubbling over!

With technology, it’s even easier because we have email and platforms all on our phone so even sitting on the lounge to watch a movie can mean you’ve got one eye on the screen and the other is scheduling content or scrolling business networking groups.

Sometimes this can result in there being no balance in your between your work and family life.

So what are some ways to avoid this?

Designate work hours. Stick to them or ask you family to gently enforce them. For me, they are when the kids are at Daycare or during rest time.

When you close the laptop after those work hours, don’t open it again. Even if it’s an emergency. Your clients couldn’t call you at 9pm on a Sunday night if you worked for someone else!

On that note, make your clients aware of your business hours. That way, they have an expectation of your response time.

Turn off the notifications on any platforms or email on your devices during non work hours.

Schedule, schedule schedule. Have a plan and a to do list to ensure that your productive enough that your work doesn’t have to cross over into home life!

And most importantly, remember, that in the end it all gets done.

Do you have any tips for keeping your work and personal life separate when you’re a freelancer? Drop them below!

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