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Welcome to the Hive! - Michaela Ford Digital

Welcome to the Hive!

Hello and welcome to the Michaela Ford Digital hive! I’m Michaela and this blog is where I’ll be sharing all my nuggets of gold in relation to everything copywriting, content creation, virtual admin and digital marketing!

I have the habit of writing really long Facebook posts because once I get inspired on a topic, I just can’t help myself! But who wants to read a long Facebook post right? So I figured, now is the time to stop rambling on FB and get all those ideas into a blog!

Writing is my favourite thing in the world, I love manipulating language to bring someone’s message to life and I love even more the reaction of those who aren’t natural writers, when I manage to translate their thoughts into words, in a way they didn’t think possible.

So I’ll probably be on this blog a lot! I’m also fairly spiritual and love the combination of mindset and business so there will probably be a lot of that interspersed through this blog too.

I want you, lovely reader, to get lots of support and advice from this blog as well as tips on growing your business and tips on maintaining your mindset in life and business.

And because I want this to be beneficial for you, please let me know what topics in digital marketing, copy and content you’re most interested in!

Have a beautiful day x

Digital marketing and copywriting

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