Services & Packages

Below are some examples of packages I have created in the past that you might find suit you but if not, let’s chat and create something bespoke!

>>Launch It

You have a message to share and services that are guaranteed to help people in need but you need some help with creating your digital footprint and reaching your audience?

My launch packages help you communicate what you’re all about and focus on your market position, social media establishment and copy and content creation.


So, you’ve launched your business and now you’re ready for it to really get people’s attention? Amplify your message with a bespoke package that’s all about communicating your unique message to the world through tailored copy and content strategies.

>>Breathe and Maintain

Your business is established and ticking along so well that you need to stop taking new clients for a while and focus on giving your current clients your best you?

Congratulations! You still need the day to day content tasks completed though right, so you can focus on doing what you love doing. In this case, my ‘just breathe’ package will be your best friend. This package combines  copy and content creation and digital marketing tasks to cover your specific and unique needs.

>>Source It

Starting a new arm of your business or launching a new product and just need to make sure you’ve covered everything before you launch? I’ve got you covered with my thorough launch copy packages.

>>Slow Down to Speed Up

When you’re an amazingly driven, creative, ideas lady with an amazing message and a mission to help the world sometimes you feel the pressure to just keep going, moving and doing, being productive no matter what. It’s overwhelming and anxiety inducing.

But guess what? Being busy does not always equal being productive. And without productivity, those ideas that can help so many people, stay just that. Without productivity, your business doesn’t grow.

You know what does equal being productive?

Organisation. Planning. Talking things out to unjumble all the thoughts in your brain. Sometimes, literally just speaking your thoughts to another person can result in gold!

Staying accountable. It’s invaluable and sometimes it’s difficult to do on our own.

Taking the time to brainstorm, prioritise and create realistic, tangible to do lists that you actually tick off.

When you slow down with me, we spend just 30 minutes a week hashing out your to do list. Brew a cup of tea (it’s on me) and we’ll go over all those amazing ideas so that they now dance in my brain not just yours, flesh out the priorities and possibilities, establish tangible, aligned actions you can take to bring them from thought to fruition, review any tasks from the previous week (this is me keeping you accountable) and set your tasks for the week ahead so that your business speeds up while your mind slows down.